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Pear 2.5

Pear 2.5 is a web browser which is basically meant to make lives simple. This web browser has stunning looks, easy interface and fast performance which is worth downloading and using it.

User Interface

As we were talking about that above, Pear 2.5 is completely made on MetroUI; which is also known for WP7. The simple, stunning and awesome user interface just stuns the user. The interface is absolutely changed from Pear 2.0 Final:


Features are given below:
  • Fast and Simpler Google Search on the go.
  • Metro User Interface
  • Lightning fast browsing speed
  • 3D effects on the go
  • Lock your computer through Pear
  • Beautiful and enhanced user interface
  • Check your email swiftly.
  • View a webpage with 3D effects

All the above are completely made in Metro User Interface.
Check out Pear's blog:

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